Working Areas

In the sector of education, WIN has organized various training programs for students and teachers that focuses on enhancing their effectiveness in learning and teaching respectively through tools and techniques that promotes effective and more sustainable education. Furthermore, the approach to sustainable education extends to organizing of Sustainable Education Conferences, conducting Research in new techniques of education, and reaching out to teachers, education experts and students and organize important discourse and draft conclusions on the issue for policy level advocacy.

In the sector of Health, WIN has worked together with various institutions for promoting awareness on issues of HIV and AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights as well as participated in distribution of medical support for the people of Rural areas of Nepal during the days of crisis. Furthermore, WIN has also worked in the field of mental health with it’s immense expertise in psychological counseling, through which thousands of people have been benefitted.

WIN recognizes that it is essential for people to understand and practise BCC in order to be more effective in their communication skills. Also, BCC is an important tool for people working in diversified fields, either it be business, social work media etc. that involves any form of effective communication. WIN’s work on this theme includes innovation of unique modalities of training on BCC and reaching out with those modalities to thousands of people such that they grow as better communicators in their respective fields.

With an intent of guiding people towards achieving their higher potential, WIN’s work under the theme of Innovation & Entrepreneurship includes providing people effective support to expose them to various tools techniques and strategies that are essential for them to grow as Entrepreneurs through trainings, creation of innovative ideas and suggesting them to potential people, and support potential ideas by providing a guiding framework for effective implementation.

An important priority of WIN’s activities is to enhance civic engagement in the nation building process and to do that, the organization recognizes the essence of effective governance and democratic practices that addresses voice of all and ensures people’s rights. Therefore, relevant campaigns for awareness, policy level advocacy for proper rights, and having democratic values in our programs falls under organization’s motive. The U.S. Embassy Youth Council (USYC) and UNESCO Kathmandu have been major partners of WIN while working on this theme.

The field of capacity building and life skills is one of the major areas of expertise of WIN, which is also incorporated in majority projects of various other themes.
With many independently designed programs, WIN’s approach on this theme has incredible records of changing lives of people that includes students, teachers, volunteers and people of different organizations and corporations.