Working Areas

It is important that people practice proper behavior relevant to the settings. WIN recognizes that it is essential for people to understand BCC in order to be more effective in their communication skills, and that BCC is an important tool for people working in diversified fields, either it be business, social work media etc that involves any form of effective communication. WIN’s training on speaking and communication includes specific trainings on BCC to such that the participants grow as better communicators in their respective fields.

An important priority of WIN’s activities is to enhance people’s participation in Nation building. On this issue, we recognize the essence of effective governance and democratic practices that addresses voice of all and ensures people’s rights. On that note, WIN emphasizes on civic engagement, which we believe is a means of promoting quality of life in the community in both political and non-political level. We believe in a society that is inclusive in nature and outcome oriented. For this, Good governance and democratic practices cannot be compromised. Thus, WIN interest extends to strengthening people’s participation in having awareness of good governance and practice of democratic system in minor as well as major levels.

Through approaches of Policy level advocacy, We Inspire Nepal (WIN) has worked in the areas of sustainable education and health. In the sector of education, WIN has organized various training programs for students and teachers that focuses on enhancing their effectiveness in learning and teaching respectively through tools and techniques that promotes effective and more sustainable education. Further more, our approach to sustainable education extends to organizing of sustainable education conferences that brings together experts in the field of education of Nepal to have important discourse in order to bring about conclusions for promoting sustainable education which are used for the purpose of advocacy in policy level.
In the sector of health, We Inspire Nepal has worked together with various institutions for promoting awareness on issues such as HIV and AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights as well as participated in distribution of medical support for the people of Rural areas of Nepal during the days of crisis.

The field of empowerment and life skill training is one of the major areas of expertise of We Inspire Nepal. The activities associated with this theme are incorporated in majority if programs on various other themes that we inspire Nepal are associated with. Either it be mass motivational seminars or training to specific group of people, WIN’s approach on empowering people has incredible records of changing lives of people that includes students, teachers, volunteers and people of different organizations and corporations. Most of the activities or empowerment and life skills are innovated by WIN itself and designed in a way that it helps or guides people towards exploring their potentials and becoming the leaders of their own lives. WIN has a history of organizing some of the biggest motivational events and most effective training programs through which it has touched lives of more than 100, 0000 people bringing about significant changes and memories they shall cherish forever.

Environment sustainability is one of the major focus areas of WIN. We Inspire Nepal takes all necessary steps and conducts all necessary actions to reduce carbon footprint on the environment. WIN creates awareness in public about the effects of environment degradation on nature and also on the health of plants and animals. It creates advocacy through experts by commencing dialogues and debates on areas which are directly affected by environmental degradation. These areas include climate change, wildlife extinction, waterborne and airborne diseases and many more. Not only that, WIN gathers volunteers to organize various events in public places to talk about the importance of environmental sustainability in the long-run.

WIN approaches on guiding people towards achieving their higher potential also includes supporting people to become more capable entrepreneurs by providing them effective training that exposes them to various tools techniques and strategies that’s essential for someone to grow as an entrepreneur. Further more, WIN’s activities also includes creation of innovative ideas as well as support towards people innovative ideas and providing a framework for proper implementation.