When men were the torch light which lightens the distance in the development of the world, you were the lamp to show the people what’s around them, Women, you have been suppressed throughout history; Your sisters before you, your mothers before you. Till when? When will you realize that you are IMPORTANT? When will you realize that you are equally important in the progress of the world? When will you realize that you are necessary for mankind to continue? Know what you are worth, know that without you, the lamp, the torch, men would not be able to handle the world for themselves. Be Bold for Change.

Women, you are strong, physically and emotionally. No man could accomplish the tasks you do daily, no man can match the emotional strength you have. You want proof? You’ve held your ground, wiping tears, fighting off scoundrels, struggling through the injustice that you and your sisters before you have faced. You’ve proved to the world that you have not done what a man has, you’ve done your best, you’ve accomplished much more, you’re way stronger.

Now, it’s no longer just about you, it’s about us. We know the importance of women and now it’s time to show the world. It’s time to come out of the struggle and reach out to your right. The discrimination it ends now. We fight. We fight for the freedom we deserve. We give peace to the souls of the sisters who’ve died fighting for it. We accomplish their dream. We change the world. We are bold. We are strong. We have the power. We enlighten the people bound by the narrow mentality which believes that women are weak, we prove them wrong, we show them your worth. Together, you and I, we create history. We, are bold for change.

Bibhas Parajuli – Networking Associate, We Inspire Nepal