What do we do?

We Inspire Nepal specializes in innovative behavioral change and community mobilization approaches for development.

In partnership with diverse agencies and stakeholders, we design and implement innovative, replicable and result oriented projects across the country that empowers diverse audience and engages them in action which uplifts their own life and communities around them.

Our innovative approaches focuses to empower people in terms of their livelihood, state of mind, life skills and creates a long lasting behavioral change in them that holds power to bring prosperity in their own life and others around them.

We help students of diverse schools , colleges and universities to advance their knowledge, skill, attitude and abilities in various spectrums. We advocate quality and sustainable educational practises and empower educational institutions  become paradise for students. We inspire, empower and engage people of different communities in building their own life and communities more strong and prosperous. We design innovation, explore better solutions and advocate for its implementation to create favourable environment for human psychology to live and grow.