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Health and Education

We Inspire Nepal / Health and Education

“His wit and vision conquer every state and kingdom is the man with the sound mind, sound body, and wisdom”.The physical, mental, emotional and intellectual wellbeing of mankind is never to be compromised for the wellbeing of the nation, the world rather. Here at We Inspire Nepal ( WIN), we are aware of the importance of good health and good education to every human being and try the best to work in these areas.

We Inspire Nepal (WIN) inspire Nepal to be aware of their health and provide people with the needed knowledge and information. WIN mainly focuses on the issues of sexual and reproductive health as these issues are regarded as taboo in many developing countries and mainly in Nepal. Sexual and reproductive health are often belittled despite of their importance. It is often found that people do not feel comfortable to talk about such issues and thus we raise such issue in front of the masses to make them aware of their importance.

Furthermore, we advocate for people about their proper sexual and reproductive health and the method is generally policy level advocacy. There are many examples of people, mostly women who have been victimized because of their sexuality and reproductivity and many people in the society have been abandoned by sexual and reproductive rights. We see many examples but since these issues are considered as a taboo subjects, we get minimal interest of people to advocate on such issues. These drawbacks of the society inspire We Inspire  Nepal to advocate on such topic.

In order to seek solution for the problems in the health sector and also to make people aware of further problems, we conduct programs mainly focusing on awareness, conveyance and solution of health issues. We conducted awareness program about the most odious disease, HIV-AIDS . Also, the WIN reached the lives of rural people during the time of crisis by distributing medical support.

Apart from working in the field of sexual and reproductive health, WIN inspire Nepal to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. WIN realized the lack of resources and facilities to local people for maintaining proper health but explored solution to these by conducting a revolutionary dance program entitled “Dance for Nepal”. WIN conducted it for couple of years and brought revolution in the mindset of people about health. The people who used to have lack in resources for proper health found dance as the cheapest and the best way for having a proper health. With this dance program, WIN not only brought changes in people’s health but also in the attitude by inspiring them to think out of box and explore new alternatives in their life. Dance for Nepal was implemented by WIN in Kathmandu in association with Restless Development Nepal. WIN has lots of plans and policies to work on various health issues and it does its work realizing the urgency of health issues. WIN realized Peer Education Program as the crucial one for adolescents and youth of the country. It went to the door steps of about 500 different schools of different parts of Nepal and conducted the Peer Education Program. This program helped the students, teachers and parents to know different unspoken and hidden problems and simultaneously helped WIN to know the different problems of different regions of Nepal and to set a new vision for conducting further programs.  The psychological counseling programs of WIN has touched many hearts and raised awareness about mental health.

We Inspire Nepal inspire the heart to educate the mind. There is no other way of gaining wisdom, knowledge and intellectual strength without proper education. Education is something that differentiate human beings from other animal beings. It is a matter of great disappointment that many people have been deprived of getting quality education. Quality education which is the basic right of every individual has also been victimized of gender, social, cultural and political issues in the country. WIN is a group of eduacated people from all over the country and we realize the effect of education in our lives and work to bring changes in the field of education.

Education, one of the basic right is the most important right and need of the people. The development of the country solely depends on the education it provides to its people. The data and statistics of Nepal shows the progress in literacy rate but there are still many things lagging behind in the education sector. The research done by WIN in many regions and sectors of Nepal makes WIN unsatisfied about the educational systema and it continuously conduct many programs for educational system’s upliftment.

Moreover, WIN tries to prioritize the importance of sustainable education amongst people. It provides knowledge to the people about the meaning and importance of sustainable education. It has realized that education has been provided to the public but it has not brought effect in the lives of them for longer time and there is where the need of sustainable education arises. The education for each and every human being which educate the mind, enhances the personality and provide a unique vision for every unique individual is the education of this age and hence is the sustainable education. WIN by doing advocacy for sustainable education want to bring changes in educational system of Nepal. It has done many awareness and advocacy programs on Sustainable Development Goals in education, conducted many sustainable education conferences.

Sustainable education is never accomplished without the complete participation of triple factor of education and they are parents, teachers and students. WIN has conducted many programs focusing on these important people. It has worked not only for making students aware of sustainable education but also has made many parents aware of their role for sustainable education. It conducted teachers training programs in over 500 schools of different regions of Nepal where it provided knowledge and information about new, scientific and effective methods of teaching and the WIN has always inspired students to be the leader tomorrow and for this, it has conducted many leadership programs to over 10,000 students. The leadership program mainly focused to get information about students’ personalities, provided them knowledge about leadership skill and inspired them to be a leader for tomorrow. Apart from programs and seminars, WIN has different ways of promoting sustainable education and thus adopted debate programs to participate students and other general public in it. The success of these programs could be felt by the change in people’s vision and attitude towards the educational system.