On your mark, get set, go!

Mile route up and hard core challenges on the way that very comfortably sets one in stress, this is run by all means extreme!

With some exciting challenges, obstacles and tricky clues of unraveling the pathways, Madness Marathon allows one to explore best of ourselves during the course of exploring hidden tasks and surprising challenges on the uncertain pathways.

Madness Marathon is a three days of program uniquely designed with the purpose of developing interpersonal skills of young people who seeks to groom self through similar platform. It is moreover an exposure for youth who don’t dream small, who don’t think ordinary, who don’t play safe, who pursue Challenges, Obstacles, Dream big and run for competing and for winning previous self .

An integration of Power Booster Seminar and Unique race with learning, execution and sharing of rushing 3 days, Madness Marathon gives insight upon the ways of acting better on our lives via development of potential skills and amazing experiences. It is youth development program that seeks to simplify the complexities (as they perceive) of young people regarding their ideas, dreams, perceptions and actions.

This program has been designed by We Inspire Nepal with the motive of creating some spaces for youths who are seeking space to grow better, who are in search of exposures and who are desperate to add values to their life.

The Art of Public Speaking is a unique package of 4 days with trusted and acclaimed methods of learning public speaking worldwide. Understanding the need of best quality trainings on the field of fantastic art of all time “Public Speaking”, Debate Yatra comes up with the most intensive package of Public Speaking Training in Kathmandu that ensures massive grown of an individual, facilitated by the best motivational speaker in the country, “Mr. Saunak Bhatta” Mr. Bhatta will guide you in the journey of speaking excellence and will reveal the secrets he has discovered in his journey of stage actions. Through the training methodologies, the participants will practice some of the very unique ways of changing the gears in one’s journey of achieving stage mastery. Every second of the program will be used to nurture one’s mind with knowledge, strategy and practice to sharpen skills. The participants will also go through specialized sessions where they will analyze the whole concept of communication to reflect upon it and build an unshakable confidence. The training will bring a new perspective in the way one looks at world class speeches and speakers. It will exponentially develop all the ingredients necessary to run master in a professional speaking journey and the strategies of being fearless. The training contains unique and very unorthodox forms of content.
Selected participants will have the opportunity to learn the things such as:
  1. What is Motivational Speaking & what makes it happen?
  2. Building Self Confidence: Strategies before, during and after the speech
  3. Speaking In an Auto Pilot mode
  4. Creative Interventions in Speeches
  5. Imitation Vs Imagination
  6. Disciplinary Mindset Techniques
  7. Speech Analysis
  8. Content Management
  9. Vocal, Body and Mind Exercise
  10. Enthusiasm Multiplication

New Year celebration is when we party and make resolutions, this time we want to do it differently!!! For the first time we bring in Nepal the training camp that wakes up all night, gratifying your past, celebrating your present and drafting your 2016 Masterplan. The camp will be filled with gratitude, tears, extreme enthusiasm, music, dance and clarity with commitment about your days to come, starting from the afternoon of December 31st 2015 to the morning of January 1st 2016, a Non Stop 18 hours series. The camp will be followed by continuous personal coaching to the participants in the gap of few months.

A leader isn’t someone who can only communicate well with others. With leadership, there comes the need of ability to take risks, leave one’s comfort zone and achieve glory in the face of adversity.

Our Adventurous Leadership Program provides a physical and mental series of challenges that the participants can actually enjoy to realize their inner leader. Bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding are but a few of the exciting prospects of our program. We can say, in conclusion that the program offers both adventure and leadership growth for all the WINners.