I may not ever be able to lift those weights

the way your buffed up body can,

nor could I last longer in a fight

without having the same lethal force

behind every one of my punches.

But I’ve spent a thousand years

honing the muscles in my mind darling,

a thousand years of suppressed emotions

building up inside me.

Under your rule, I was deemed as the weaker species

and yet,

here I am after all this time,

still holding my ground.

I’ve shed a million tears

under the tyranny of your insecurities,

taking every good with bad,

being used,

being insignificant,

being nothing more than a soft cushion for you to lean back on

when you’re done with showcasing

your masculinity.

But the time has finally come now.

Watch me as I lift the burdens of this dark world

with the sheer force of my will

and watch me as I step onto the stool

carved with the innumerable sacrifices

made by my sisters throughout history

and watch me love,

as I finally


to your height.

Bijeta Bhandari – Student, National College