One of the major issues female across the country face is associated with menstruation. Banished from the ‘holy areas’, kitchen and in some cases their own house, the false concept of menstruation has gripped the Nepalese society; rural and urban. Advocating on the issues associated with menstruation, over hundred females gathered together creating one of the largest flash mob of the country at Fun Park of Kathmandu in order to effectively challenge the stereotypical mindset of many people.

Miss Priya Sigdel, one of our very talented ’50 Female Champions’ organized the flash mob under the event ‘The Journey of Red’ and the new era of the campaign #IWontHide began on 11th November, 2016.

Over hundreds of females, under the leadership of Miss Priya Sigdel danced on the mashup of various songs including the ’50 Female Champions’ theme song “Ek Naari’ managing to attract the attention of all the civilians present at the Fun Park last Friday. After the completion of the dance the participant female splashed red color on the white cloth with “I Won’t Hide” (Ma Lukaudina) written on it in big red letters signifying the false concept of menstruation and urging people to change their mindset and to accept females as they are, pure and clean.

Written by: Bibhas Parajuli