A motivational concert is a concept growing steadily in Nepal, the aftermath of countless events and programs held year by year. Perhaps the major credit does go to all the people who have broadened their mind-set for finding something greater in themselves; but it is Mr. Motivation Man himself, Saunak Bhatta whose seven years of dedicated work has brought a major change in the format of these events. And after countless years of success and ever rising motivation, he was invited by a group of well-reputed organizations in India – resulting in this ‘Mini-India Tour’.

Saunak Bhatta’s ‘Mini-India Tour’ was a one of a kind as it was the first time a Nepali speaker was invited for conducting seminars in India. And it was a huge success. With expectations exceeded and countless lives changed, this tour provided to be a route for a change of perception of the Indian public towards Nepalese people. While Saunak has conducted several shows in Bangladesh, Pakistan and the States, motivating hundreds of thousands of people- this experience itself was one of a kind. This event has not just helped youngsters of India boost up but also helped Nepalese people change the way they see their own strengths. In the tour, Saunak was special speaker on National Convention carried out for thousands and conducted solo sessions of his in Ahmedabad and Rajkot. He gave seminars, training and also took them through hypnosis therapy, helping them heal their future and design their future.

It is rather a matter of altercation, the India-Nepal relations and the thought process of people towards the countrymen of either nations, but this event proved that with a little bit of motivation and spark, there can be a major change in perspective. It’s a matter of pride for everyone of us, that our Motivation Man has now expanded his global horizons even further. With standing ovations after each show, the ocean of students, educators and influencers were all but left with awe and admiration, not only for Saunak himself – but Nepalese people as a whole. This is but a notion for all of Nepalese that despite being reliant on other countries for decades, it is possible for us to realize our potential and rise up stronger than ever.