50 female champions are a group of young and innovative girls who would like to make a positive impact toward our society and nation. They are involved in various activities and projects. And those activities are starting to make a positive change. All are 50 female champions are currently involved in the activities relating to adolescence. They are trying to generate awareness about adolescence and problem that it might cause to our younger generation. The availability of technology can make the task of creating awareness easier. A dedicated website of 50 female champions will not only help them to display various task performed by them but it can also be a platform to share various ideas and problems.


  • To help to share the activities that our 50 female champions are involved in.
  • Our 50 female champions will have their own blog within the website to share their ideas and experiences.
  • A dedicated area in website to cover the topic of adolescence.
  • A forum where we can discuss the problems relating to adolescence.
  • A portfolio of our 50 female champions.