Formerly known as the Ambassador’s Youth Advisory Council, the U.S. Embassy Youth Council is a group of young Nepalese under the age of 27 from all regions of Nepal and representing various backgrounds, castes, religions, professions, genders and political affiliations. The council was created by the Embassy of the United States of America to Nepal. The Ambassador’s Youth Advisory Council was initiated in 2011 by former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Scott H. DeLisi. There are 50 members in the 2016 council. There were 53 council members on 2015.

Youth councils are being created in U.S. embassies all over the world as a way to for the U.S. government to communicate directly with youth about the challenges they face. We aim to provide young people with a place where they can safely express their views, engage in open, constructive dialogue and explore opportunities to make positive changes in their communities.