Formerly known as the Ambassador’s Youth Advisory Council, the U.S. Embassy Youth Council is a group of young Nepalese under the age of 27 from all regions of Nepal and representing various backgrounds, castes, religions, professions, genders and political affiliations. The council was created by the Embassy of the United States of America to Nepal. The Ambassador’s Youth Advisory Council was initiated in 2011 by former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Scott H. DeLisi. There are 50 members in the 2016 council. There were 53 council members on 2015.

Youth councils are being created in U.S. embassies all over the world as a way to for the U.S. government to communicate directly with youth about the challenges they face. We aim to provide young people with a place where they can safely express their views, engage in open, constructive dialogue and explore opportunities to make positive changes in their communities.

The Female Champions is a fellowship program that is designed to recognize female leaders of the society whose works has been an agent for social contribution and change, and provide them with a platform to further strengthen their skills to become a bigger contributing factor in the society.  This program is led by We Inspire Nepal in support from UNESCO.

The program is to begin with two days intensive training followed by a well-designed community mobilization that shall address some very important issues of adolescent girls mostly including psychological and physical change, sexual health education, empowerment etc.

Dialogue and Debate (hereby referred to as DAD) is a program by We Inspire Nepal (WIN). We want to organize DAD by marking the anniversary date and organize a debate on the achievements and success of Nepal in the first Year.

The program aims to increase the understanding of SDGs in youth, highlight the roles of different institutions, search the possibilities to meet the SDGs and identify the roles of every party in the society and to discuss the complications that will arise in the implementation of SDGs in Nepal.

We Inspire Nepal has been organizing Innovative Campaigns on various issues and create awareness among the people on various issues like Sustainable Development Goals, Health, Education, Environment, Gender Equality and Equity and on various youth based issues. For that, we have many youth campaigners with many strategies and tools which allows WIN to deal with the related issues.

We Inspire Nepal has been working on various training programs that deals with the various factors; Leadership, Attitude Transformation, Intra/Inter Personal Development, Skill Based Training Programs, Youth Motivation, Sustainable Education, Youth Awareness and many more. Some of the training programs organized by We Inspire Nepal are: Madness Marathon, The Art of Public Speaking, Gantabya Renovation, Adventurous Leadership Program and many more.