Woman. What is the first thing you relate this word to? A mother? A sister? A friend? A teacher? A life partner? Even perhaps a female? These are probably the first few words that pop up on your mind when you hear the word female, all of which represents women in our society. So who is a woman?

In a patriarchal society like ours, a woman is expected to be controlled by a man. From ‘chhaupadi’ to rape to child marriage to ‘dowry’ to not sending girls to school, our society sends a message of girls being an object. Women are regarded as the pride of the family that needs to protected, is that how you treat someone that needs to be protected?

In our society the first expectation from a daughter is that she would settle down with a male who is financially secure, have a child and live happily ever after – the perfect fairy tale story. Maybe one can consider their daughter to build up her carrier and then settle down while handling her carrier?

Being a woman is not a crime, so why are we being treated as so? Why is there an environment in our society where working late is dangerous for women? A society where men regard women with respect and vice-versa – that is the society which I would consider almost perfect.

A woman is the one who bought you into this world by going through immense labor pain. In our society they are a child’s first teacher. So why does our society treat women as someone weak? As a submissive being?

In this International Women’s Day, why not reflect on how you are treating the women in your life? Even the women as well.

Keepa Maitri Tuladhar – Female Champion