Life-long learning is the pursuit of knowledge for the personal growth or growth of your professional careers. It is the medium through which we can attain self-stability, employability and competitiveness.

Our 50 Female Champions were asked about lifelong learning and we received some very awesome answers. Among the many articles we received, we have included here four of them:

Lifelong learning in my perspective is the voluntary pursuit of knowledge of all age groups throughout the life. Learning and knowledge can be acquired everywhere and at anytime and one can never learn away from learning. However, lifelong learning is all about creating and maintaining positive behavior in both personal and professional life which later results to both personal and professional development.
Lifelong learners are motivated to learn and lifelong learning is also referred to as a voluntary act. Lifelong learning is not only learning but is also understanding about the world around us with better opportunities, which improves our quality of life. Lifelong learning makes us aware about even the little happenings around us which creates self-consciousness in the learners.
Thus, I believe that lifelong learning is not black and white but thousand shades of grey.

Shailaja Kharel

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Learn as if you are to live forever.”
Currently there is a trend of studying only for grades. With the pressure from the society on getting good grades many students have lost their individual personality. Few months ago, my teacher told me a story, “Once a teacher took students of class one on a picnic to a park, filled with beautiful trees. There, the teacher asked students to show her the color green and the students opened their textbook and showed her the color green”. This shows how when the current generation are studying with high competition, they have forgotten to learn.
One should not study just to get a degree. Your learning should not be limited to getting a degree but rather it could expand up to enhancing your talent, your passion. Learning becomes enjoyable when you study what you love. Learning is a life long journey whether we like it or not. You learn new things every day.
Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 80 or 20. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Keepa Tuladhar

Music, something that was a better choice to cheer her up than almost everything. Anupa was attracted towards singing right from her early childhood. Though never good enough, she found it pleasant and soothing. As the time passed, her attraction turned into determination. Even though she did not find herself competent enough, she gathered some confidence to perform live in front of a small crowd. While she was singing, she noticed that she had grabbed the audiences’ attention in a different manner. After her short performance, she was praised and encouraged enough to be motivated. Then and there she realized she ought to take singing more seriously. She started participating in school level competitions and slowly ascended towards more prominent ones. She initiated her award winning abilities by bringing home her first District Level price, however was discouraged and dishonoured very soon because of the social belief that singing is not for girls. Being completely heartbroken she decided to give up the one devotion she was passionate about. She did not continue about it for a really long time. Nonetheless, she often dreamt and imagined having a huge crowd before her listening and cheering her singing. After a lot of internal war, she decided it was time for her to learn guitar and continue her passion. Yet she was discouraged to have her dream being scattered again. From here, She and I, both realized that overcoming stereotypes needs to become a lifelong learning.

Alisha Dahal

One can understand the concept of lifelong learning with a simple example. The transformation of simple flour from bread is a long process, however; the entire process is very important because one cannot just have flour for breakfast. Bread, on the other hand, is an easy way of fulfilling one’s appetite anytime. Learning in the same way, bears useful fruits only if it is used and refined each day throughout our lifetime. Once we cease to learn or cease to apply what we have learnt, our knowledge becomes worthless. Lifelong learning is thus pertinent so that seeds of ideas and thoughts can take the form of an enormous tree, which provides shelter to as many people as possible. We can achieve lifelong learning by ‘mutual exchange of ideas and ‘sustainability’ of the learning process.

Priyanka Pokharel

Hence, as Shailaja Kharel writes, “Life-long learning is not black and white but thousand shades of grey.”

Written by: Bibhas Parajuli