We Inspire Nepal (WIN), in collaboration with U.S. Embassy Youth Council (USYC), successfully organized the ‘Debate and Panel Discussion’ event on 24th March, 2017 at Kathmandu Model College, Balkumari.

The event, as organized in the month of March marked the theme of the month i.e. ‘Women’. There were approximately 60 audience from different platforms including U.S. Embassy Youth Council, The Female Champions Batch I, representatives from the U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu, group of debaters and other new interested audience.

The theme for the event was ‘Women Empowerment: Challenges and Opportunities’. The event was divided into two sessions, both of which were moderator by Miss. Samiksha Neupane. The first session included a ‘Debate’ which took part in an international debating format among young debaters with national and international debating experience in debating. The motion for the debate was ‘In areas where female participation in education is very low, this house would pay females to attend school’.

There were four debaters in total who were divided into two teams i.e. Affirmative Team & Negative Team. In the affirmative side, we had Mr. Anurag Upadhyaya and Mr. Pranav Ojha, and in the negative side, we had Mr. Avash Byanjankar and Ms. Paresha Sharma. Each debaters were provided with 7 minutes for their speeches. They came up critical and interesting arguments which added more perspective to the event. The debate in overall brought more awareness among the audience as well as grab their interest towards the event, as they were not hesitant to engage in the discussion further in the sessions.

The second session was the ‘Panel Discussion’ where three panelists namely Mr. Anil Keshari Shah, Mrs. Nirmala Sharma and Dr. Bimala Rai, and each of them gave presentation on different topics. The panel discussion started with Mr. Anil Keshari Shah speaking on the topic ‘Source of all empowerment – Economic Empowerment’. It was followed by Mrs. Nirmala Sharma’s presentation on the topic ‘The Role of  Media in Women Empowerment’ and finally Dr. Bimala Rai presented on the topic ‘Nepalese Women in the Changing World of Work: Opportunities and Challenges’.

After all the presentations, a Question/Answer Round began where the audience raised some very interesting questions that were answered beautifully by the panelists. The discussion was very engaging and effective and added a lot to the entire event.

In overall, the event got various positive responses from the audience as well as panelists. Nonetheless, the event recognized the present problems in the status in the issue of women and shared solutions for improvement.