Dear Mummy,

Till writing this it has been 1 year 9 months and 10 days you started living abroad with Baba. That time I was only 19 years old. A guy who doesn’t know how to do kitchen stuffs like cook food perfectly, how to wash his own clothes, and how to do dishes properly. At one word I was an “unaccountable” guy. I didn’t know how to do these things. Because you never taught me about it though I don’t blame you, Mummy. All the times you did it for me without any hesitation and without saying any word to me.

After you started living abroad, I have to look after all the things of home like buying the groceries, paying the bills, cooking foods, cleaning the room etc. While doing these stuffs I fail every time. Because, I have never done it before. When I fail I remember you, Mummy when you did all the things perfectly like you have magic in your hands. I have taken all things for granted. When things doesn’t go well or when I don’t get what I want, every time I screamed at you, Mummy. And, you didn’t even say one word. You just heard me with calmness.

After a few months, I started doing stuffs of home properly, becoming an “accountable” guy. I have realized that Mummy, you are the strongest woman in the world, I have ever known. You never said while doing the stuffs of home, “I’m tired. You do it today.” You are the most powerful person in my life. You have made sacrifices for me. You chose my happiness over your happiness. You loved me unconditionally. I believe in God. And, you are God for me.

I have found the reason why people remember “God and Mom” when they are in problem.


Roshan Pun – Fellow, NextGen Youth 2017