The Female Champions

Masculinity: A cage for men

We have been accustomed to hearing a famous and widely used phrase when it comes to exhorting a man into doing something, “Be a man”. As I think about this statement, I find the direct reinforcement of’ macho’ image of men. The kind of reinforcement that requires great import of perseverance, resilience and strength, less encumbered by emotions. From the very primitive ages, men have been assigned to be the bread earners of their family, staying resilient enough in order to save the female and children in their horde. The bravery emanated by men have always been appreciated. More often the soldiers who stake their life for the sake of their country are tagged as “HEROES’.


I am 36 years old working in a renowned office at the ultimate high post one could dream of. There is this friend of mine, whom I know; to be true she is my best friend came to visit me this afternoon. We often casually met to share our ups and downs of life and support each other in the best way possible. But, today was different. There is something in the air. Yes, today we were meeting after being promoted in the highest level of one’s profession. Luckily, we both were promoted at the same time. Oh! I forgot to mention that she works in another office as renowned as mine and is of same status which my office holds.

A problem that we all have been through

Do you remember you or one of your friends peeing in the class when you were in your kindergarten just because the teacher didn’t give the permission to go to the toilet? We have all been through this, maybe all of us didn’t pee in the class because of our urine holding capacity and the amount of water we drank but we have surely held our urine for either a long or a short period of time as we were not allowed to go to the toilet during class.

When I was in school studying in secondary level,