Gently placing her newborn in a basket full of tattered clothes, Geeta elopes. She elopes with the new born her in-laws refused to accept, the infant whose face her father refused to see. She elopes with the hope of giving her child a better future and freedom of choice.

Being a good daughter Geeta happily accepted the fate she received. Living under poverty, she saved that little penny so her brothers could utilize. Wearing ragged clothes she worked to support the family she was born in, to feed her younger brothers and fill the empty space her mother left behind.

She worshipped the drunkard her father married her into because it was the only way to uplift the family from never ending debt. First few months of her newly wedded life was going smooth but soon she began to experience things like never before. Alcohol, violence, cheating scandal, misery and never ending dowry taunt still she carried on. She covered the bruises of her soul with her elegance and grace. To overcome poverty she inherited, she sacrificed her life.

Within a year of her marriage Geeta realized she was pregnant. The first 18-20 weeks of pregnancy was the only time when her maniac husband and in-laws treated her like a human being. As soon as the doctor revealed the sex of the infant and everything changed. Geeta began receiving the pressure of abortion. Her husband began spending time in brothel and her in-laws did their best to torture her. She was thrown into dreadful situation but she continued her fight like a warrior defeating obstacles that came by.

During the process of delivery none of her relatives showed up, with the help of a neighbor and remembering her dead mother she succeeds in giving birth. Cutting the umbilical cord of her baby she recalled the efforts she did in making people happy but yet no one was there during the biggest moment of her life. After the birth the torture increased, her in-laws started nagging about the things the baby did. Hiding and seeking Geeta managed to save some money, contacting her friends and receiving their support she decided to run away. She ran away from the place that constantly blew her happiness towards the bright future with unlimited laughter, challenges and satisfaction.

It’s been 12 years since the incident. In this span Geeta has done every kind of manual work and is currently running a small tailoring center. Sabina (daughter) is studying in grade 4 and is unaware about the past. Geeta has promised on never letting the shadow of past touch Sabina. This mother daughter pair is living the life Geeta dreamed of.

After sharing her story, Geeta remarks that “No one should be afraid of doing the right thing at right time” and “A person should be bold enough to take the first step of change”.

Dikshya Gautam – Student, National College