Do you remember you or one of your friends peeing in the class when you were in your kindergarten just because the teacher didn’t give the permission to go to the toilet? We have all been through this, maybe all of us didn’t pee in the class because of our urine holding capacity and the amount of water we drank but we have surely held our urine for either a long or a short period of time as we were not allowed to go to the toilet during class.

When I was in school studying in secondary level, some of our strict teachers never let us use the restroom during classes. Not only this they used to enter the class just after the bell rang or a teacher left the class and we were not allowed to get late even a single minute. If we were late we used to get several punishments from doing ups and downs to getting slapped by the teacher. We didn’t get a chance to explain the reason to the teacher about why we were late; he/she used to shout at us without asking the reason. I completely understand that a teacher’s job is not easy and if there are no rules students will be ill disciplined. But getting punished for being late for a single minute just because we were out to attend the nature’s call doesn’t mean being ill disciplined. I remember me and my female friends controlling the amount of water we drank according to the class routine. If there were periods of a strict teacher then we used to limit drinking water and if there were friendly teacher’s period then we used to drink water as much as we needed.

We used to have recess after every 2 periods but due to the limited number of toilets and among them some used to be very dirty and we were left with very few ones with so many students and before our turn came the bell used to ring and we had to return to the class holding our pee. During class, none of the teachers used to allow us to go to the toilet as they thought that the students would get distracted but holding the pee causes more distraction. Not only this but we have to hold our urines if we are out just because of the lack of public toilets. The public toilets are not clean. They are so dirty that we decide to hold our pee rather than passing it out.

Urologists say that if you hold your pee more often then it may lead to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). If you hold a lot of urine for extended period of time and if it crosses the holding capacity of the urinary bladder then the urinary bladder bursts and can result into the death of a person. This is actually a major public health issue. Then what is the solution to this problem? Awareness? No, because teachers are aware of all this. Maybe self-realization of the teachers is necessary. And most importantly we students must raise our voice because attending the nature’s call is our basic human right. The schools as well as every educational institute must have enough toilets according to the number of students they have. In addition to all this, public toilets must be built on a range of certain distance by the government and those public toilets which are dirty must be cleaned with the implementation of related manpower.

Riha Shah – The Female Champions (Batch II)