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Debate and Panel Discussion

We Inspire Nepal (WIN), in collaboration with U.S. Embassy Youth Council (USYC), successfully organized the ‘Debate and Panel Discussion’ event on 24th March, 2017 at Kathmandu Model College, Balkumari.

The event, as organized in the month of March marked the theme of the month i.e. ‘Women’. There were approximately 60 audience from different platforms including U.S. Embassy Youth Council, The Female Champions Batch I, representatives from the U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu, group of debaters and other new interested audience.

The theme for the event was ‘Women Empowerment: Challenges and Opportunities’. The event was divided into two sessions,

International Women’s Day 2017

Marking the International Women’s Day 2017 on 8th March, Wednesday, We Inspire Nepal released a video on the theme “Be Bold for Change”; the video included several females talking on the theme.

We had also asked for articles to release on the International Women’s Day and we published those articles all day. The articles were all related to the International Women’s Day.

WIN, along with several other youth organized a march of men ‘Men’s March 4.0’ marking the occasion of International Women’s Day. The march started at 3 PM from Jawlakhel and ended at 5 PM at Patan where certain designated people talked about female rights and how men are equally responsible to uplift the female rights and that Female Discrimination is not only the female’s problem but of all genders.

Dialogue and Debate

Dialogue and Debate, hereby referred to as ‘DAD’, is a program by We Inspire Nepal (WIN). WIN organized DAD by marking the anniversary date and organized a debate on the achievements and success of Nepal in the first year of the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programed aimed to increase the understanding of SDGs in youth, highlight the roles of different institutions, search the possibilities to meet the SDGs and identify the roles of every party in the society and to discuss the complications that will arise in the implementation of SDGs in Nepal.



be (verb) : exist, have existence.
Born with wings

in a place that is used to

being tied up in chains,

stomping on the ground of an ancient state that

has only experienced the cautious steps of scared men,

and roaring with a voice that sends shivers down the spine of

the wind that has carried only the desperate prayers of

hopeless saints;

she will make the world fall at her feet.

She will not rule,

Our society version of women

Woman. What is the first thing you relate this word to? A mother? A sister? A friend? A teacher? A life partner? Even perhaps a female? These are probably the first few words that pop up on your mind when you hear the word female, all of which represents women in our society. So who is a woman?

In a patriarchal society like ours, a woman is expected to be controlled by a man. From ‘chhaupadi’ to rape to child marriage to ‘dowry’ to not sending girls to school, our society sends a message of girls being an object.

Women, Be Bold for Change

When men were the torch light which lightens the distance in the development of the world, you were the lamp to show the people what’s around them, Women, you have been suppressed throughout history; Your sisters before you, your mothers before you. Till when? When will you realize that you are IMPORTANT? When will you realize that you are equally important in the progress of the world? When will you realize that you are necessary for mankind to continue? Know what you are worth, know that without you, the lamp, the torch, men would not be able to handle the world for themselves.

Chained to the bones

Born I was, like a ray of light

Shining through the clouds,

Out in the open

For all to see in the crowd.


Little bud as I was

Unknown of the dark,

Roots plucked soon

Before I could bark.


As I grew a little

With more force and brittle,

Chained to the bones I found

Nowhere to run or hide now.


Hiding behind the shadows

I learned to play smiles,

Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy,

Till writing this it has been 1 year 9 months and 10 days you started living abroad with Baba. That time I was only 19 years old. A guy who doesn’t know how to do kitchen stuffs like cook food perfectly, how to wash his own clothes, and how to do dishes properly. At one word I was an “unaccountable” guy. I didn’t know how to do these things. Because you never taught me about it though I don’t blame you, Mummy. All the times you did it for me without any hesitation and without saying any word to me.

You can’t tie a river in knots

she is a woman

and she

will come undone

before you

have even begun

you can’t tie a river

in knots

like a tangled ribbon

of your thoughts…


she’s forever flowing

at the rate of knots

she is freedom

let her go

to ebb and flow

against her

own mood


its like

one of those

intangible things

that love brings

you ought to know

that you

don’t make love

it makes you

learn the ropes

before you

raise your hopes

you ought to know

how to let go

before you row

her placid surface

so know this

she cares

but she has layers

not meant to be peeled


not meant to be revealed


don’t make it dull

she hates it

and she is all but


let it be installed

neath your skull

that when you love a girl

let the mystery unfurl

on its own

there in lies the fun


she is a woman

and she

will come undone

before you

have even begun

you can’t tie a river

in knots

like a tangled ribbon

of your thoughts…

The Weaker Species

I may not ever be able to lift those weights

the way your buffed up body can,

nor could I last longer in a fight

without having the same lethal force

behind every one of my punches.

But I’ve spent a thousand years

honing the muscles in my mind darling,

a thousand years of suppressed emotions

building up inside me.

Under your rule, I was deemed as the weaker species

and yet,

here I am after all this time,