Monthly Archives: February 2017

USYC Mini Retreat Camp

USYC Mini Retreat Camp, a short overnight stay event designed by We Inspire Nepal to bring together the USYC members and open discussion platform to work out on their CEPs was held from 23rd to 24th December, 2016. The major focus of the event was to provide mentorship to the members to develop their concepts into impactful and sustainable projects.

Similar to the progress of the CEPs, the other attraction of the event was also to strengthen the bonding of the implementing organization i.e. We Inspire Nepal and the council members. Thirty-six members of the council, two representatives from the U.S.

We Express

We Express, a weekly session where curious minds discuss on different topics, theories and provide their personal philosophies, was organized several times in 2016 by We Inspire Nepal. Years ago, “We Express” used to be organized as a platform for expression among students and is now revived give platform for learning and sharing.

The speakers of the first session of revived “We Express” were Saurav Bhatta and Santosh Pandey, where Saurav Bhatta gave his presentation on the topic “The Trump Card” and Santosh Pandey gave his presentation on the topic “Social Media- It’s Impacts”. In the following weeks,

Parichaya – Let’s Give a High Five!

Parichaya- Let’s give a high five, a short event designed to introduce the USYC members with the team of WIN in order to create quick attachment, intimacy, excitement and to maintain integrity among the members and We Inspire Nepal team. The venue added more in providing a familiar ambience to the USYC members and complemented in making everyone comfortable in their seats. The set up allowed feeling the gap among the participants and the host team at the beginning and with familiar ambience it allowed to fill the gap and celebrate the presence of everyone that particular evening. That particular evening which was a new dawn for the yearlong expedition of celebrating life together with passion and innovation involved.

USYC Dream Day – Video Program

Marking the Martin Luther King Jr. day, we invited the UYSC members to share their dream for their country – how they want Nepal to be in the future. This happened specifically on Martin Luther King Jr. Day because the day celebrates the life and achievements of an influential well-known man for his campaigns to end racial segregation in the United States and establish visions of racial equality in the country. Therefore, the USYC members came together to share their visions for the future for their country on that vary day, of which a video comprising of their opinions was created.

Kathmandu Debating Challenge – 2016

The Kathmandu Debating Challenge – KDC 2016, an annual debating tournament was organized by We Inspire Nepal (WIN) this year, that brought together many high school and university level debaters in Kathmandu to debate in various issues through “British Parliamentary (BP) Style” of debating from 23rd to 25th December at The British College.

With regards to participation of 40 teams, Christmas Eve Celebration within the tournament, involvement of international debaters and judges and two-day intensive international level debate training held on 17th and 18th December, KDC 2016 is claimed as Nepal’s largest BP Tournament.

The tournament had International Chief Judge from Bangladesh and an International Motions Committee.

Futsal Match: USYC, WIN & US Embassy

On the 10 th of February, 2017, the members of United States Youth Council, US Embassy for Nepal and We Inspire Nepal came together to play futsal match on the grounds of X-cel Recreational Centre.

8 Members form US Embassy, 8 members from WIN and 7 members of USYC formed 3 teams and played a total 4 futsal match.

The futsal match was intended to be a platform for the members of the Youth Council to familiarize with the members of WIN and US Embassy and to take their networking level to a higher level, which was successful in some level.

Futsal + Networking = Footworking!

In order to extend the organization’s handshakes with various institutions, WIN came up with the idea of ‘Foot-Working’ – friendly futsal program hosted by WIN with intent of positive networking. The first Futsal match was played between Youth Initiative and We Inspire Nepal on 20th January, 2017.

The match, as intended, proved itself as a platform to promote good relations between the organizations’ teams and the team members bonded with each other in an admirable level.

We plan to host this event every week and continue to promote healthy relations with various institutions.

50 Female Champions

50 Female Champions – a fellowship program designed to recognize female leaders of the society whose works has been an agent for social contribution and change, brought together 50 female leaders to provide them with platform to further strengthen their skills to become a bigger contributing factor in the society. The program was led by We Inspire Nepal in support from UNESCO Kathmandu Office. The program had two phases; In the first phase, 50 Champions’ recruitment was done through call for applications where thousands of females applied to the program, and fifty females were selected by judgment on various factors;