Monthly Archives: September 2016

50 Female Champions

50 Female Champions is a fellowship program that is designed to recognize 50 female leaders of the society whose works has been an agent for social contribution and change, and provide them with a platform to further strengthen their skills to become a bigger contributing factor in the society.  This program is led by We Inspire Nepal in support from UNESCO Kathmandu Office.
The program has begun with intensive training followed by a well-designed community mobilization that has addressed some very important issues of adolescent girls mostly including psychological and physical change,

Life-Long Learning

Life-long learning is the pursuit of knowledge for the personal growth or growth of your professional careers. It is the medium through which we can attain self-stability, employability and competitiveness.

Our 50 Female Champions were asked about lifelong learning and we received some very awesome answers. Among the many articles we received, we have included here four of them:

Lifelong learning in my perspective is the voluntary pursuit of knowledge of all age groups throughout the life. Learning and knowledge can be acquired everywhere and at anytime and one can never learn away from learning.