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Saunak Bhatta’s ‘Mini-India Tour’

A motivational concert is a concept growing steadily in Nepal, the aftermath of countless events and programs held year by year. Perhaps the major credit does go to all the people who have broadened their mind-set for finding something greater in themselves; but it is Mr. Motivation Man himself, Saunak Bhatta whose seven years of dedicated work has brought a major change in the format of these events. And after countless years of success and ever rising motivation, he was invited by a group of well-reputed organizations in India – resulting in this ‘Mini-India Tour’.

Saunak Bhatta’s ‘Mini-India Tour’

“I wish for an uncrowded bus”

Every day evening, I have to rush
With a threat of missing the bus
Crowded bus passes through
Sky starts turning black from blue
I try to adjust with some caution
Because I have no any left option
I just imagine my fingers crossed
And I wish for an uncrowded bus.

Sometimes not knowing where my bag is
My mind worries and my heart does freeze
Sometimes my head remains outside
It just turns into a terrible ride
Pushing and pulling is a normal thing
My hand becomes pivot and my body swings
I just imagine my fingers crossed
And I wish for an uncrowded bus.

50 Female Champions

WIN is currently working on a Project, donor UNESCO Kathmandu Office, on empowering adolescent girls. It is a female youth network that has connected Rural and Urban group. 50 Female from different age group, ethnicity and education level are selected as a Female Champion who are involved in community works and awareness campaign. Female from Hilly to Himalaya to Terai region have been involved in making an impactful project. They will be advocating in adolescent related issues.

Psychological Support

Realizing the immediate need of psychological support, WIN in collaboration with UNESCO Kathmandu Office, gave a psychological support training to youths from disaster affected districts, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The youths were further channelized to provide psychological trainings at their local community. The motive of such training was to create a stress free environment and to bring local communities life in regular track.

Global Tiger Day

WIN, in partnership with WWF organized and coordinated Global Tiger Day on July 29 2015. It was a program that displayed innovative measures highlighting the importance of wild animals in the global scenario. WIN categorized the event into several parts, main event, pre event and post event. Youths from various networks were mobilized to make the event effective and impactful.